Tiger IP delivers over 30 years of IT expertise in a wide range of areas that range from network consulting, to LAN/WAN deployments to SD-Wan.  We pride ourselves in providing the right IT solution that will serve you today and, just as importantly,  tomorrow!

We pride ourselves in being your source for service excellence.  As your IT partner we sit on your side of the table and help guide you and your company towards increasing productivity, decreasing risk and improve efficiencies. 


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IT Solution Services in CT

IT Services or IT Solutions should be part of your corporate strategy, it should not be reactionary.  Tiger IP works with you every step of the way and this always starts with a consult.  Only by understanding your specific needs and analyzing your current state can we begin working together,

Far to often implementations are done without doing the proper assessment of LAN, WAN, connectivity and utilization and the outcomes are not optimal.   We are proud to provide our customers with Tiger Eye...our VoIP Readiness Tests, LAN/WAN Assessments, Network Management and Proactive Voice/Data Circuit Management and many other services.